Wednesday, June 30, 2010 New MLM SCAM in INDIA

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First of all i want to clear that i don't have any proove that doesn't pays to its users. All i want to write is how this MLM ( Multi leval Marketing ) / exclusive mlm leads / Pyramid scheme companies present old Material in a new packet.

Today i got a SPAM post on my forum with Referral url of this site so in curisity I visited this site and checked their terms and condition , plans it thoroughly. I also visited their Social site on ning.

What i got from all this info. is its just a NEW WAY TO FOOL OTHERS ( Specially Indians ) and get money in the pocket of program / MLM / Business starter. Like all MLM schemes they also have an idle model of earning which doesn't gets compelted 99 % of the times.

Once i also wasted my time in a MLM Ebizel and got so many bad experiences but fortunately that Mistake of my life taught me the inner truth of MLM's . I still remeber 4 years ago there was another scheme / MLM/ BUSINESS OPORTUNITY ( what ever you say them ) like EEFAeBIZ on Internet named "Cashall" . That scheme was also the discovery of SOUTH INDIAN ( EEFAeBIZ owner is also a south indian ) with a easy start up of 5 money-orders of 20 rs. each. They looted innocent folks and finally away in dark..!! Now their website is dead from years. I am sure it will happen with this is also an mlm lead company giving the SAME MLM Scheme Hidden Behind tempting and promosing words and with a sign up fee as low as 100 Rs. (=2 USD ) so that anybodycan enjoy their luck. 99% people would not be able to attain even minimum payout amount of 200 Rs Due to their Diplomatic Plan. Other could not complete the Cycle so all of the signup money will increase the Bank Balance of Owner only. yepps their will be some lucky people who will earn good income from this but only .1 % rest of all will only waste their money and Precious time..

So choice and Money is yours Invest Smartly....


Anonymous said...

Like wise i agree about MLMs... But if you looking to make a quick buck online.. I received my first payment from EEFa today.... After spending 100 Rs, would be happy even if i made 1000 Rs, but seems like if I am lucky, will make 100000 Rs (I agree, the owner will make at least a lakh when i make 10000, but thats his profit)... I defenitely know that i will not make lakhs like they promise, coz i dont have the patience to get so far into it!!!

Anonymous said...

He He... Dont know abt the above person... I would give it a try no matter what, 100 bucks is just like a pack of cigarettes, kinda like a gamble, would give it a go :-) Speaking of pyramid schemes, those who make huge money are the ones who pitch in first and unlike others, where they ask for 5000 or 10000, this is just 100 bucks!!!

hac_king on July 1, 2010 at 2:02 PM said...

^^ But dear you won't even recieve a single penny untill you work for weeks or months to achieve 200 rs. which is minimum payout and you recieve only 40 rs by referring 4 members???

Will you be able to refer this MLM to 4 users below you? Better purchase a Toy for your childs :)

MASK on September 21, 2010 at 8:55 PM said...

Fuck man the Anonymous posts are done by the owner of the same webiste only....

Please dont believe them and not even have any hopes on them...

Rather giving 100 Rs. to them tear Donate 10 Rs. to a beggar atleast you will get some saatisfaction...


Jatin on May 21, 2011 at 1:49 AM said...

Hi Guys,

I am working on a e-commerce project and expanding the business across different cities and countries. Looking for potential business partners. Its NOT a Quick Rich Scheme. Only Serious and Hardworking people needs to contact me.
I am currently out but travelling back to India soon.

You can contact me at

FYI...Its NOT a Speak Asia.

Have a nice weekend.

STOP EBIZ on February 4, 2015 at 6:54 PM said... | Read here 50 Reason is a fraud company

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